Rotary Transfer Machines

Custom designed and built Rotary Transfer or Rotary Index Machines.

Below are several examples of machines we have built.  All machines are assembled with either new or rebuilt automotive duty components with 24/7, high production capabilities and the latest in control technology.

Look for a machine below that approximates a configuration that will meet your production needs and contact us to discuss your process, production and machining requirements. 

Rotary Transfer Machines or Rotary Index Machines perform several operations each cycle, such as, drilling, tapping, reaming, boring, milling, recessing, deburring, chamfering, spot-facing, etc.

These machines are specially designed for very high production applications with very low cycle times. They are best suited to high-production applications with several machining operations on a single part or close family of parts. They are also referred to as dial machines or secondary operation machines.

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